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Why "The Red Beanie"?

It all started with a dream I had on August 13, 2019--an actual dream that I so vividly remember--a dream that was ominously predictive of the events that would take place in our lives over the next months. From fleeing NYC with a breast cancer diagnosis just as COVID was causing a global tidal wave of panic, to moving to Arizona in search of a better life for my daughter (my soulmate) and me, the dream had it all and then some. In my dream, as we were fleeing our tiny Manhattan apartment with no time to take any possessions, I hustled, grabbed my phone, our coats, and RED BEANIE. The odd thing is we don't have a red beanie. We've spent hours talking about my dream, dissecting it, trying to make sense of the parts that we believe are messages from the Universe. From this dream, these discussions, and the manifestations that followed, "The Red Beanie" was born. It has become a symbol of the incredible journey of this mother/daughter duo. We invite you to walk this journey with us, as we make a paradigm shift to a life that prioritizes life experiences over material possessions.

On July 1, 2021, with most of our possessions in a new positive karmic space, The Red Beanie moves to San Pedro, Belize--La Isla Bonita <3

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