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The Storm Before the Calm

There were so many tears shed tonight. Tomorrow my badass solo flier goes wheels up to NJ to spend time with her Dad and Step Family until June 29. She created the little collage with her travels in the upper left quadrant of the image. I've never been apart from her for more than 13 days and now I need to make it over 4 weeks. While I'm thrilled about her seeing her Dad, I selfishly can't wait to get to the bottom right square of her collage on July 1...San Pedro! I have PTSD after this insane year (that's a separate story that's coming out in my book, "Even Strong Girls Cry"). This post is about our last day together in AZ. These photos are the happiness before the Storm (massive tears and hugs) that took place before she went to bed tonight, but all forward looking to the Calm AFTER the Storm (Island Life). This Madonna remix (click the link below... we LOVE IT) and the DJ's of today have her so curious about my San Fran rave, club days...let's just say, awesome Mom/Daughter conversations!

On that DJ happy note, she found the best song that we listen to daily to inspire us, to excite us, and to bring smiles to our faces. I think she's gonna make a great DJ one day. And yes, Madonna sang this song in reference to our new home.... La Isla Bonita <3

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