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"Why Panama???"

To which I would respond... "Why not Panama???". It seems like such an innocent, simple question, right? Dani and I are challenged by this question very often here, whether by our Uber driver, our server at the restaurant, or people we just happen to meet in our daily life. Since my daughter and I embarked on an 'untraditional' life of sorts to live a life abroad, these questions come up frequently because many think the USA is akin to, 'Walking in the Fields of Gold' (Sting).

Anyhow, I thought I would love the question more than I do because it’s so clear in my head why we are doing this. But I have come to hate the question because I can't explain it in an 'elevator conversation' way, rather it requires an in-depth understanding of all the dynamics at play.

From a Geopolitical perspective, my daughter and I are the salmon going against stream, aren't we? We are American citizens--a coveted status to many! Right now, so many people are going from Central and South America (but from all over the globe) to enter the US of A. I want to believe that the majority are doing what they can to get into the United States of America so they can have a chance of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Who can blame them? As someone who would do anything in my power to ensure my daughter has the best that life can give her, I TOTALLY GET IT.

So, while they all go all seek opportunities in my home country, my daughter and I have been seeking opportunities to do exactly what they are doing in the opposite direction (because we aren’t feeling as confident about the status of the not-so-United states). But way more importantly, I have always wanted Daniella to be 'world experienced'. I want her to be bilingual (at least) and we have our goals of traveling the world. Carpe diem!

So, now in Panama, if you ask either of us “Why Panama?”, we will say “What is meant for us won’t surpass us!” We don’t think we have a better answer! Yet, we don’t think like most conventional thinkers! We color outside of the lines because we know that is where LIFE HAPPENS!

So tonight and always, both Daniella and I wish you all the power to do all you can to fight for your FREEDOM and HAPPINESS, and whatever that means for you! We send you the support, positive vibes, and strength! Channel your inner warrior and do what it takes! <3<3<3

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